Wage replacement

Cover lost wages while injured employees recover from injury.

medical care

Take care of medical bills for any injuries incurred.


There may be a need to move to a new line of work. Insurance covers their training costs.


Protect yourself against any litigation that may come as a result of the injured worker.

Your Employees Need To Know They Are Protected.

You can both attract and retain your best employees with a compensation package that employees know has them protected at work.

Business leaders are required by law to protect their employees. We know that accidents still happen even when every safety measure has been taken to prevent it from happening.

Workers compensation laws were created to ensure that employees who are injured on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards. This eliminates the need for litigation and creates an easier process for the employee.

It also helps control the financial risks for employers since many states limit the amount an injured employee can recover from an employer.

Workers Compensation Insurance is for injuries sustained on the job.

An injured workers without the right coverage can be disastrous to your business.

As a protection for employees, most states require that employers carry some form of burden.

In most states, if you have employees, you are required to carry Workers Compensation coverage. Even in non-mandatory states, it can be beneficial if you have many employees wbo do dangerous work of any kind.

Worker's compensation protects employers from lawsuits that could come from workplace accidents. It also provides medical care and compensation for any lost income to an employee who has been hurt in workplace accidents. In almost every state, businesses are required to purchase and secure their workers with this form of insurance.

What is covered with worker's compensation?

The range of coverage includes:
  • Workers injured on the job, whether they're hurt on the workplace premises or elsewhere, or in auto accidents while on business.

  • Work-related illnesses.

  • Payments to injured workers, without regard to who was at fault in the accident, for time lost from work and for medical and rehabilitation services

  • Death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents

Each state has different laws that determine how much is paid out. These laws also determine how medical and rehabilitation services are administered.

For example, in most states there are regulations that cover whether the worker or employer can choose the doctor who treats the injuries and how disputes about benefits are resolved. Workers compensation insurance must be bought as a separate policy.

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