Are you required by your board to find coverage for them?

Some potential board members will refuse to join your board until they know they are covered.

do you understand how powerful the right insurance IS?

Attract the best people when they know you care about them enough to provide the right insurance.

do You know what kind of D&O insurance you need?

Different organizations have different requirements. We make sure you have the exact coverage for your directors & officers.

do you have insurance already for your board?

If you haven't looked at it lately, you might want to see that you still have the right coverage.

Your Best People Deserve To Be Protected

Too many growing businesses and organizations have amazing people serving them at the highest levels who are not insured should the worst case scenario occur. Of course, no one ever thinks that something could happen to them - but what happens when it does?

You would never want a director or executive to lose their property or suffer a disastrous litigation while serving your company.

Serving on a board can be scary for its members. Directors and officers liability Insurance ("D&O") is  insurance for the directors and officers as individuals of a company. It can also extend to the organization itself, as reimbursement for losses or in defense of the event that the insured suffers loss. This coverage provides protection from legal action from wrongful acts in their role as directors and officers.

Such coverage can extend to any defense costs that come out of criminal investigation or trial costs. Sadly, too many businesses do not have their directors and officers covered and as a result they are vulnerable to losing everything.

Attract The Best People By Assuring Them They Have Great Coverage

D&O insurance is critical for keeping your best leaders protected from anything that could happen. You want to attract sharp, successful people to serve on your board.

These people will serve more readily when they know you have D & O insurance in place.

Secondly, you can have confidence that your board and executives will be confident making the right decisions when they know that their personal assets are not at stake.

The Benefits of D&O insurance:
  • Attract Amazing Board Members

  • Pay For Only What You Need

  • Live Stress Free

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