Are you required by your board to find coverage for them?

Some potential board members will refuse to join your board until they know they are covered.

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Attract the best people when they know you care about them enough to provide the right insurance.

do You know what kind of D&O insurance you need?

Different organizations have different requirements. We make sure you have the exact coverage for your directors & officers.

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If you haven't looked at it lately, you might want to see that you still have the right coverage.

What is Directors And Officers Liability Insurance?

Many growing businesses and organizations have amazing people serving their company. However, serving on a board can open up members to a multitude of risk exposures.

Directors and officer’s liability Insurance helps cover defense costs and damages arising out of wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against an organization's board of directors and/or officers.

It can also extend to the organization itself, as reimbursement for losses or in defense of the event that the insured suffers loss.

Attract The Best People By Assuring Them They Have Great D&O insurance Coverage

Claims against directors and officers are becoming more commonplace. To attract and retain qualified executives and board members it's crucial to have the right insurance in place.

The fact is, all organizations, whether public, private, or nonprofit, and the people who lead them can be subject to liability exposures.

D&O insurance is critical for safeguarding your best leaders and to retain and attract the very best professionals to serve on your board.

The Benefits of D&O insurance:
  • Attract Professional Board Members

  • Protection For Your Company’s Assets

  • Peace Of Mind For You And For Those Who Serve

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