About Golden Benchmark

We Make Sure You Get The Best Coverage For Your Growing Business

Insurance Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated

Getting You Covered Should Be Simple

We understand that as a business owner, you have enough chaos in your life. We make getting the right coverage for your company very simple:

  • Simple to apply
  • Simple to access
  • Simple to make claims
  • Simple to contact your agent

It doesn’t matter what your background (tech, industrial, medical, or small business owner), your understanding of what you need, or your experience figuring out the type of coverage, we’re here to help.

Simply put, we’ve got your back.

Contact us today and we can take care of your insurance needs right away.


A Message From Our President, Emmi Ensign

We understand how important it is to get fast-growing businesses the protection they need.

We partner with professionals who need to stay focus on their business – not insurance.

At Golden Benchmark, we understand your passion to grow your company. As a trusted business partner, we’re just as invested in the success or your organization as you are, with a dedicated commitment to helping you thrive at every stage.

For over three decades, we’ve been a constant in the San Francisco area while other insurers have come and gone. Today, we continue to serve our clients with the same dedication as we did when we first opened our doors thirty years ago.

That’s our commitment to you, your business, and the community we serve.

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